Our Hard Cover PhotoBooks are individually made to order by our team of master craftsmen. Using the design you have created for the front & back of your book, we print it on archival quality photo paper & protect it with a layer of glossy laminate before case-wrapping it on specially treated hard boards.

In addition, every spine is specially reinforced with steel binding to ensure that the pages do not fall out over time.

Knowing that every picture in your PhotoBook is a treasured moment, we want all of them to look their best. Every picture in your PhotoBook is analysed and individually adjusted to achieve optimal color balance, exposure, contrast, saturation & sharpness.

The end-result of a well-designed, professionally produced Hard Cover PhotoBook is reminiscent of classy fine-art Coffee Table Books, evoking strong emotions even before the pages are being turned.

The pride & joy of owning one cannot be understated.
LANDSCAPE 12.75” x 9.5”
SQUARE 10.5” x 10.5”
PORTRAIT 9.5” x 12”

Cover Materials
Case-wrapped with archival quality photo paper & coated with a protective GLOSSY laminate.

200gsm Acid-Free Premium Art paper. Individual pages are coated with your choice of MATTE or GLOSSY protective Laminate.

Photos per page
There is NO Limit on the number of photos you can place on any of the pages.

Number of Pages
48 pages, maximum 160 pages

After applying professional color correction to your images, we use the latest digital offset printing technology with liquid ink to produce highly realistic images of your photos with vivid colors, just like what you will find in high quality fine-art coffee table book.

Combining the use of the latest computer-controlled equipment with a unique blend of professional book binding & case-making techniques, we manage to create a very strong spine that will hold the pages together for many years to come.

Size Available
Landscape (12.75” x 9.5” )
Portrait ( 9.5” x 12” )
Square ( 9.5” x 9.5”)

48 pgs $188 (Extra pages $2.00 per page)